A very Happy Day for Khadija

 1 When Khadija woke up, felt she is happier than on other days. She was looking forward to watch a puppet theater performance for the first time. The day before she received an invitation which asked her and her family to attend the play in Kabul’s Cultural Container. Like Khadija and her family, there were many other children who came to watch the theater performance with their families.


The main theme of theater play was about how prejudice and fanaticism spoils tolerance and destroys the environment of coexistence and dialogue among communities. From another aspect how supporting peaceful coexistence, strengthening tolerance and promoting a culture of dialogue, help people to understand each other and work together for sympathy and solidarity.


Along with children and families, lots of youths, including artists, actors, singers, writers, poets participated in the event to closely watch the performance. Participants reaction was quiet enthusiastic; some participants suggested to have further performances in different places, because they found it a very effective tool for raising awareness among people.

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