Art and Hope in Dara-e-Noor


    Pix 1The district Dara-e-Noor is a secure and peaceful district of Nangarhar. The district is located in northern part of the province. Common languages in Dara-e-Noor district are Pashto and Pashayi. Agriculture is the main way of earning money, however people also are making their living through trading goods between neighboring districts and provinces. The district is highly populated with estimated around 120,000 residents.

Based on several requests from local residents of Dara-e-Noor district, the team of the Nangarhar Cultural Container decided to hold a cultural event in Bamba Kot, a village of Dara-e-Noor district. Along with the team of the cultural field workers, poets and artists joined the event.

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Part of the event was a poetry contest. Poets read their poems in Pashayi and Pashto language, then challenged to follow the rhyme and rhythm of each other ode. It was a joyous event for participants and for the local cultural activists who rarely had a chance before to participate in such an event with other poets and artists. The event continued with a mobile art exhibitions, showing some paintings, calligraphy and photography. For local residents it was the first exhibition ever held in the village.



A cultural dialogue on the topic “hope” was the last part of the event. In the beginning everybody was very surprised to discuss such a topic. Nobody thought about the question of how hope plays a role in their life. Soon people were engaged in a lively discussion, and expressed their ideas on hope by narrating anecdotes and stories. It was interesting when they mentioned that exchanging ideas changes our prospective, and today this dialogue enriched our ideas and understanding. Today we realize how being hopeful in difficult situations let us stay strong. The event finished with well-wishing praying of the participants.

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