Badakhshan Cultural Event: In the realm of knowledge and culture

1bTo strengthen education in remote areas, this time the Badakhshan container decided to organize an event in Hesari, a village on the eastern side of the Kokcha River. The people there are living next to their small agricultural fields and their small herds.  There are two high schools in the village allowing the sons and daughters of the families to receive education. These schools are also a good symbol for educational development in rural areas.

People from different parts of the village enthusiastically joined the event. Both, women and men, came to see a colorful and delighting event, which was organized with the help of their daughters and sons to promote education.

b2The cultural field workers of the Badakhshan Cultural Container had worked with a group of students of those schools and prepared the event with a nice agenda that included reciting poems, performing group songs and a special theatre piece for the village people.

A cultural dialogue with the active participation of people of the community was also part of the event. There were older people who talked about their experience of education in different periods in the past. They explained how difficult it was to obtain education when they were in the age of today’s school children. This insight was encouraging for other people, who participated in the event, to support the education of their children.b3

This event in the Hesari village and the interest that people showed proved that there are immense potentials for education and cultural development in rural areas. Cultural dialogues broadening the people’s vision of the education can create opportunities for positive changes. The interest of the people and the openness, with which they welcomed the event in their village, was a proof of their thirst for education.

A villager said that he was happy to see that such an event took place in their village and added: “We have suffered a lot from illiteracy. We don’t want our fate to be repeated by our children.”


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