Bamyan Culutral Event: ‘The path to knowledge’

B1Bamyan cultural container convened its cultural event last week. After several months of organizing cultural dialogue with the topic of education inside and outside the container with different groups of people, it was a step to further strengthen the momentum created by the cultural dialogues in the province.

This event brought different people, whom we had worked with, together and helped us to recognize many other potential partners who will voluntarily spread the message of cultural dialogues and will take part to address the problems of education in their community through different approaches.

As we had the experience of various activities concerning the issue of education, the event was a combination of traditional and modern artistic activities in an innovative way to let people grasp the topic, enjoy the program and then think critically.

Part of the event was an exhibition of old hand-written books, which were collected from different people from the villages of Bamyan valley. This was very interesting for the visitors and not only showed the transformation of knowledge, as well as, technology, the way people thought and level of literacy.


Children sang a peace song that expressed their innocent wishes and hopes and their love to peaceful country. It was the climax of the feelings of people in the event who were deep feeling the long waited wish for their country.

A theatre show with the topic of education and cultural dialogue in the event helped to go in-depth regarding the way the cultural container had worked and facilitated dialogue in different circumstances. One of the participants, discussing about the event, said: “It conveyed the message of dialogue and understanding the need for education through understanding ourselves and our community. Therefore, it was strong.”

At the end of the event, the smooth and heart-touching music of local instruments and the familiar sound of local singers were enough fascinating to make long-lasting and cheerful memories for the people who had come to celebrate dialogue, understanding and their cultural possessions. B4B5

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