Boosting the Trust

1 “Boosting the Trust” was the name of a theaters play initiated and facilitated by the Nangarhar Cultural Container in different places of the Jalal-Abad city. The aim was to highlight the role of trust and confidence in personal and social life of Nangarhar residents.Theater is a very favored art among Nangarhar residents.

The event started with reciting the verses of Holy Quran. An Islamic Scholar then narrated a story about trust. The story he told was from the time of As-Sahaba (The Companions of Prophet Mohammad pbuh). Next he said that the distrust we have today is not coming only from our past actions, but it is also due to our current behavior as we are not honest to keep our promises, and we do not have mercy on each other. Therefore distrust has now found it place among us, and is causing many difficulties and problems.

Then the theater play started. It brought smiles on faces, joy to the hearts and entertained the minds.


There was a character in the play, that wanted to reach a high position but couldn’t because of the lack of trust and confidence. In contrast to the first character, there was another character that had less experience then the first one and was younger but he was full of positive energy, had confidence in himself and trusted his colleagues. Soon he was able to receive a very higher position in the organization.

34After the theater, the participants of every table started a cultural dialogue with their fellows at their tables.  At the end of dialogue the best written ideas from each table were selected and shared with the whole participants.

  • Confidence is a key to success.
  • Let’s trust on others to be trusted.
  • For achieving people trust and belief, we should be honest to our promises and keep our right and true character.
  • Trust is one of the key value of life.
  • Trust is the only thing that causes to raise your respect, dignity and position in the society.
  • Distrust is the root of disunity.
  • Trust is an unfinished wealth for a person and also it causes good relations and communications.
  • If you have self-confidence, than you do have trust in the society.
  • If someone is quite confident that he/she will reach to his goals, then he she will definitely reach to that goals.

The mobile theater was held in different places of Jalal Abad city, attracted many people and engaged them to think about their own relationship to trust.

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