Buddha Female Cafe; a Pleasant place for tea and talk

pic 1Near to the Buddhas statues in the Bamyan valley, there is a female café (Buddha Café) opened by a local female entrepreneur (Khadija Ahmadi). The cafe’s management and service team are all female and receive only female guests. The taste of beverages and food, decoration, comfort ability of the sphere and the Buddhas view, well positioned the café among competitors in the industry.

Entering the café gives a pleasant feeling: Its decent servicewomen, well designed tables and comfortable lounges for gathering are unique. The Buddha Cafe offers local food that cannot be found in the menues of casual restaurants in the center of the city. It is located near to the Shamama and Salsal Buddhas statues where hundreds of visitors are coming on a daily basis in the spring a summer season. Right now, The Café management has planned to cook continental food to attract more expatriates and tourists as well

Though there are many cafes in the city, the Buddha Cafe attracted more female customers, because it provides quality services, and a comfortable environment. Fatima, a customer of the Buddha’s Café says: Everything has the pure taste of Bamyan food and culture, from food to decoration and the attendant’s dressing style. I am delighted to find the opportunity to be dining out and talk with my friends in a comfortable environment with all services being provided by female employees.  Fatima and her friends come to the Café to have tea and talk almost every weekend. pic 2

Buddhas café’s management and service team are being coached by “HELP” NGO, aimed to promote the restaurant industry in Bamyan. HELP NGO trained many female employees and entrepreneurs to run restaurants. As a tourist hub of the country, there is a huge opportunity for booming the restaurant, hotel, and tourism industry in Bamyan. The Buddha Café is not the only female café in the city, but it is the first one opened by a female entrepreneur in Bamyan. There is another special female restaurant in the center of Bamyan city established by Zahra Narin. Zahra want to be a business leader in the restaurant and food industry in the Bamyan Valley. She is the owner of the Bano restaurant. Bano restaurant is a family restaurant, where only females and families can be served.

Zahra has planned to do a market research for setting up a food manufacturing company in  Bamyan. Zahra believes that there is a huge market for local food and services such as restaurants in the spring and summer, when thousands of Afghans and foreigners visit Bamyan. According to Zahra, there are hundreds of unemployed workers and a huge demand in the market, so it is a big opportunity for entrepreneurs to create jobs for hundreds of people who are suffering of unemployment. pic 3

“Bamyan attracts thousands of tourists annually.  But there are no infrastructures such as roads, electricity, and restaurants to provide higher quality services. Therefore we need to improve the quality of the services to attract more visitors.” Khadija Ahmadi, the manager of Buddha Café said.

Ms. Ahamadi says we want to promote the idea that women can be entrepreneurs and show the success cases in order to motivate other women to catch up the business opportunities. Women can empower themselves socially and economically through establishing small and medium enterprises. Empowering women is not only a cultural issue; it is first of all an economic issue. If we have more female business leaders, we will have a more peaceful life and less violence in the society and the family. She asks Afghan women to catch up the business opportunities, as it is the strong base for women empowerment and stable development of the country.

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