Cultural Day in Jawzjan

1Afghani culture day, an initiative of IPSO cultural team in Jawzan, has been celebrated in the city of Jawzjan. People participated in large numbers. Some of them represented their communities by wearing traditional Turkmen, Uzbek, Tajik and Afghani clothes in the event.  The event brought different cultural activists and groups together to perform on stage and exhibit their art works.

Plenty of artworks such as calligraphy, and painting were exhibited for the visitors. Musicians sang the local songs and a group of children performed a song about peace, which was warmly welcomed by the audience. Some people were moved to tears by the peace song. “We deserve peace. I am longing for the day when I can to feel peace in every part of our country.” A participant said. 2

The cultural day aimed to show the artworks of young artists and to create a sense of peace among the people who are living under the shadow of terror and war. Though Jawzjan is relatively peaceful province, but the shadow of war affects all people in the country. 3

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