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 “Arrived the glad tidings that grief’s time shall not remain” (Hafiz, 14th Century Persian Poet)

“Disappointment defeats us. We cannot accept disappointment and we cannot accept failing.” said Nasim Alizada, a former addict and current mentor to the Mother Camp for Drug Relieve. Everybody was listening how this man returned to his country after hardship and bitterness of emigration. He became a police officer and lost his legs. Although he was formerly addicted to drugs, he never lost hope. He shared his experience especially with the young people with the message that we can achieve our goals, if we don’t lose hope.

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Nasim was sitting in front of the audience telling about his journey of despair and addiction. He is not addicted anymore, in fact now, he is giving hope to other addicted people that they can overcome addiction and return to a normal meaningful life.

 A team of teenage girls came on stage singing:

 “You are older than yesterday and younger than tomorrow

If there is only one moment to reach your wishes

That moment is today

Yesterday is gone

Tomorrow did not come yet

You have only today.”

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The girls’ team was performing their play so well, that people listened very carefully. They lightened candles in the heart of the audience.

Happy moments at a depth of Hope

The audience was so excited, when they heard the voice of shepherd and the sheep’s Baaa! Baaa! For many of them probably it was the first time to watch a puppet theater performance. Everybody took their smart phones out and started filming and taking photos. The audience was breathtaking and saw a green hillside with a shepherd and sheep. After watching the puppet theater show “The Liar Shepherd” the audience learned that giving hope means giving courage to people around you.

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Unity of cultures, a hope to peace and friendship

A modern, classic and folkloric music performance by singers coming from different ethnics created a peaceful and friendly environment among the audience. Everybody was enthusiastically listening to the music. They heard new songs from new artists and rising talents. They were imagining an artistic future in front of their eyes.

Improving empathy and hope giving culture through cultural event

“Sorrow and grief cause disappointment. I never imagined what I saw and heard today. By the way I learned that hope is not only a dream or imagination, it is a practice for every day life, it is a way of living with joy and success, actually the only way!” said Hameed, a 22 year old boy.

“I think this event was not only for seeing and listening and having fun. I felt a change in myself,” said Muhammad Asghar, a young participant of the event.

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Photo exhibition

A photo exhibition was another beautiful and valuable part of the event. The photos not only pleased the audience but also created a sense of hope and empathy in their heart.

Depth of Damage is in disappointment and despair

The event was hosted in the Taj Begum Cafe the venue, where poets, artists, writers, journalists, university lecturers and students are guests. Most of the cafe’s employees are former drug addicts, who are treated in the Mother Camp for Drug Relieve. The event greatly influenced and inspired them. They had a happy and valuable day. They learned to resist against hesitation and hopelessness.

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