Eighth Nowruz Festival in Bamyan

Pix 1  During the autumn and winter seasons Bamyan goes weary and gray due to its extreme cold weather but with Nowruz and spring all beauty is coming back to life. Hills and mountains wear grassy color, unbounded plants of potato and wheat cover the plains, apple, poplar and juniper trees ascend green stems to the sky. In another word, in Bamyan live starts with spring. That is why, people in different villages and districts of Bamyan celebrate Nowruz in different ways.

Pix 2

In Bamyan, Ipso’s cultural container with close collaboration of provincial department of cultural affairs and cooperation of many other cultural organizations, conducted the eighth Nowruz festivals. The event was held in front of the Buddha caves. Hundreds of participants including artists, singers, writer and poets, university students, government and non-government authorities attended the event.

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Traditional music and dance, handicraft and art exhibition, theater and entertaining shows, poetry and storytelling, made the event a unique experience for the participants. New Year and Nowruz was celebrated in Bamyan with many different traditions and local customs.

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