Hope Never Dies

“We are living in a very fragile time, ongoing insurgency, economic recession and extreme unemployment, emigration, social chaos and political turmoil put us up on the verge of collapse.  In this situation, we need hope more than ever to stay optimistic towards our future. We must bring back hope to our disappointed hearts, we must plant hope in our desperate minds. Hope is the only weapon we might have against pervasive social disappointment.” Said Mr. Wasie


Wasie, believes that you can’t impose hope from the top to the bottom of the social pyramid, instead, you must ignite hope in the hearts and minds of every disappointed person to stand against increasing waves of social frustration. According to him, cultural dialogues are a very effective method for changing people’s perceptions and mindsets, bring hope in art and cultural discourse and activities slowly and automatically changes the way people think and look.

“Hope Never Dies” was the name of an event held by Nangarhar Cultural Container at Saraj-Ul-Amara Palace, to celebrate its half year works on the topic of hope. The event included several interesting parts such as speeches, sharing personal experiences, exchanging ideas, a theater play, a poetry contest, appreciations and art exhibitions.


Speakers reviewed the topic “hope” from a religious, social and cultural point of views to reach the audiences in many different ways depending on their own interests and understanding. The theater play highlighted the negative and harmful consequences of hopelessness and also the positive aspects and the very useful result of being hopeful on our routines and our future life.

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Poets read their poems, expressed their feelings and imaginations: “We are here to dream, we are here to have hope and we are here to wish to realize our hope and dreams.” The art exhibition was the last part of the event where dozens of tableaus were displayed for a visit. Like other parts of the event, artworks including drawing, paintings and calligraphies exhibited, were reflecting hope and dreams to internalize the concept hope in the people’s mind.

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