Intellectual Unity bring generations together

N3“Decreasing generational gap means a step forward towards a peaceful community.” This was the concluding sentence for the event the Nangarhar cultural container convened last week. The container organized this event after several months of cultural dialogues “The gap between the generations” which they facilitated inside and outside the container. The dialogues aimed to develop a better understanding between the younger and older generation and to bridge the gaps created by missing communication between the generations and by misunderstandings.

This event included in-depth speeches on the topic, which explores the causes of this generational gap. Professor Sadat, said: “It will be good for elders to share their life’s different experiences with the young generation, because young people are like bridge for future, and both sides should accept positive changes and demands of each other’s. This is possible only by such discussion and exchange of ideas.”

To better present the issue, the audience was asked to share their personal experiences. They were difficulties and misunderstanding between two generations immediately became evident.

Besides, the container had made a nice video clip of several cultural dialogues regarding this topic and other related issues discussed during the term of the project that was screened in the event. This was very encouraging to see how inter-generational dialogues had developed so far.

The next part of the event was organized in a way that elders and young people could exchange their ideas through a discussion. “A number of elders still think like they were 4o or 50 years ago, and they don’t discuss any issue with youth. Also there are a number of youth who think elders should accept all their demands and assume that elders do not understand today world.”

 The interesting part was when after a hot debate both sides came to the conclusion, that there are shortcomings from both sides. N2

To further strengthen this need for unity, young and old poets read their poems in the event. The topics were mostly focused on dialogue and understanding of each other to create a constructive social atmosphere.

The concluding part of the event was a theatre piece that symbolized a usual squabble between an old father and his young son. After long discussions that sometimes changed to dispute and little fights, they started talking to each other more profoundly and realized that their differences were not as big as to separate them from each other and to deprive them from having shared smiles. N1

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