Inter-community dialogue between Sikhs and Muslims

Nangarhar cultural container arranged a cultural dialogue session between the Muslims and Sikhs of the city to bring them closer and let them exchange their views about the trust between the two communities with different religion.


A significant part of of Sikhs’ population was living in Nangahar before the civil war. The civil war and the growth of extremism made most of them leave the country, but still the Sikhs community is a big community in the ethnic and religious mosaic of Nangarhar city. Although Sikhs are a small community compared to others, they make up a large part of the city’s businessmen.

The relationship between Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims is very respectful in Nangrahar province. In past times when there were no banks in the city, Muslims were giving their money to Sikhs to save it for them. Inter-community trust was very strong. I remember that people had much trust on Sikhs and Hindus of Nangarhar, but it is changed now, the inter-community trust is weaker than in the past.

In our cultural dialogue, we have explored why the inter-community trust is damaged. According to participants, there are not only religious reason for weakening the trust between Sikhs and Muslims. It is also due to civil war, migration, cultural change, and lack of inter-community programs as well as the modern banking system. They pointed out that it is the responsibility of elders and the cultural activists to rebuild the relationship and trust between the two communities. One of the young Sikh suggested to the elders and to IPSO’s CFWs to hold more dialogues between communities to discuss further how to rebuild trust.


At the end of our discussion we pray for unity and peace for the country. The members have requested IPSO’s CFWs to organize more inter-community dialogues between Sikhs and Muslims.

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