Kabul Cultural Event: Art Creates Confidence

13rd September was an exciting day in Maryam high school, where hundreds of female students visited the exhibition of artworks organized by the Kabul cultural team, in cooperation with Maryam high school and Azimi Art Centre. Many artworks from “Azimi Art Centre” and Maryam high school students were exhibited in the exhibition. The exhibition aimed to draw the attention of the students the necessity to be self-confident and highlight the message of peace, confidence and a society without violence against women.

2“I am excited that my artworks are being exhibited today. It gives me confidence to go ahead. I feel that I have done a great job. I have done my job to motivate the other students to practice painting and work hard to be heard and spread their messages through painting and other artworks.“ Sadaf, a student from Maryam high school said. Sadaf is going to be graduated from school this year; she plans to study art at the university.

3Many students visited the exhibition and afterwards showed their interest to be enrolled in professional painting courses. Farkhunda said that she would like to learn how to paint during the winter break. She wants to become a painter and organize such an exhibition with her own artworks someday. Zainab, another student said: “I have been motivated to practice more and to improve my knowledge about painting.. I was thinking that only the beauty of the colors and the design of a picture is important, but today I realized that the message and content of the artworks is equally important. I would like to engage in the topic of peace and violence against women through my paintings in the future.” 4

Listening to students was surprising. They were talking about the role of artworks on spreading the sense of beauty and its effect on the aesthetic side of human nature. Sadaf said: “Beauty is opposite to violence. Beauty wakes up the aesthetic side of human being; when it wakes up, human beings will not commit violence in the family and society.” 5

Students have asked for conducting more exhibitions in the school. “I want to show my paintings in the next exhibition. I am motivated to draw some new paintings for your next exhibition,” Zainab said. 6

Noria Raghib, the school principal said: “I am grateful of the Kabul cultural team for organizing such a valuable exhibition. It created awareness and motivated students to practice the art.”



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