Living one last day.

Two more days remained to the end when he found out that he did nothing, which was worth living for. All his life he had spent doing some small business without hope and happiness. Once more he counted, yes, he was at the end, and just two more days remained. With a messy and frantic temper he went to God, asked him for some more days. So maybe he could do better this time. He started with calling God, but there was no response from God, then he continued with muttering, complaining and blaming conditions and others for his indolence and failure, again there was no response. He became angry and despaired, shouted louder and profaned God and denied his mercy and kindness, but still God was silent.

Then he became disappointed and started crying about his misery. There it was that God broke its silence and said: ‘My dear, you spend  another day with complaining, babbling and nonsense, now only one day remains, wouldn’t it be worth to live this last day of your life on your own term?’

While crying he replied with a trembling voice. ‘But it is only one day… What I can do in just one day?’


God said: ‘If you live just one day on your own terms and wishes, free of fear and greed, at the end you will find it is worthy of thousand days, but If you don’t appreciate a moment, an hour or a day,  even thousands of days could fix nothing, so go and live this “one last day”

He was perplexed and worried he may lose his last chance of living. But at the end he come to a conclusion: “If there is no tomorrow, if there is no more chances, I have nothing to lose, so why I don’t spent this last moments based on my own conditions, Yes! Let’s live!”

He started running, he drunk, he smelled, he sang, he shouted. That day he felt he was free and he did all what he could do without fear or greed. Though he never built building nor he bought a land or reserved a high and prestigious official position that day. But he lived as he always dreamed of. He went to watch the beauty of nature, touched the flowers’ petals, slept on plain of grass, stared to flow of rivers, sang with the birds, laughed with kids, smiled to passers, fell in love and greeted the people who he always hated. That day he found that he is no longer tied to fear, to anger, to greed, to future, to past and so… Just freedom.

He lived that one day in a best way. The quality of living does not depend on its length but on the way we choose to live that is important. Happiness, hope and love are the way of our living.


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