New Cultural Containers in Laghman and Jawzjan

The International Psycho-social Organization (Ipso) has expanded its cultural work by opening two further cultural containers in the eastern province Laghman and the northern province Jawzjan.

With an inauguration event in Jawzjan last week, the cultural container marked the start of its activities in the province and was warmly welcomed by the people. The cultural field workers will initiate cultural activities, discover and support new talents to explore the rich culture of their provinces and a better cultural understanding which is much needed for the long suffering of the Afghan population.

Ensuring the office’s support, the Director of Information and Culture, expressed his optimism about the opeing of the cultural container. He said: “There are many people of different layers of society, especially young people, talented artist, but no one knows them.  We should support them to express themselves freely and share their thoughts with others through artistic activities!”

Nifolar Nikzad, one of the CFWs in the province, said that this container will work to enhance peace and tolerance in the society. Ipso is very happy to be able to expand the cultural containers to two more provinces, which will allow more Afghans to express themselves and to create a meaningful atmosphere of cultural dialogues, where people can find shared values, as well as overcome and respect their differences.1213

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