New Talents in the Eyes of the Visitors,

1Glory of every society’s culture depends on space, opportunities and social conditions it provides for discovering, training and improving emerging talents in different contexts of art, music, literature and crafts. Indeed these talents fuel the engine of cultural development in every society. It is exactly what Ipso’s cultural department is trying to achieve. In AgFair International Exhibition of Agricultural and Handicraft Products held from the 14-16 October 2015 in Badambagh of Kabul, Ipso Cultural Container in Kabul participated with a different exhibition stand displaying paintings from different emerging artists, displaying their talents and potentials for visitors. Colored beautiful painting attracted a lot of visitors’ eyes.

People’s appreciation was indescribable, and they were most interested in paintings portraying their country’s natural beauties, their culture and social customs. They asked about the painters and bought paintings they favored to decorate their homes and offices. Some visitors were curious about how and where they could get their children to learn painting.2

“I love painting but I don’t how and where I should learn painting,” said a young girl astonished with displayed artworks.

People’s acclamation encouraged artists to improve their skills, insights and talents in order to produce more and better artworks.

Music was another part of the event, amateur singers were singing songs and playing instruments to flourish the souls and attract the hearts. Along with listening to music and looking at paintings some visitors told sad stories about how their family and social environment hampered their talents and stopped their progress.



The signboard of the Kabul Cultural Container Exhibition Stand was something new for all visitors. National and international visitors were curious about the Container’s social and cultural activities, its cultural dialogues. The visitors appreciated Ipso’s cultural and social initiatives and they were keen about how they could apply these initiatives in their offices, homes and social environment.

Attention was drawn to ipso e-care, when a disabled couple picked the related brochure. It was very good news for many visitors suffering from difficult life situations and traumatic experiences

“It is an opportunity to get my life back,” said a woman putting the ipso e-care brochure in her briefcase.5

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