Nowruz: New Day, New Year, New Start!

People in Iran, Turkey, Caucasian countries, Central Asia and South Asia including Afghanistan celebrate Nowruz, the beginning of Persian solar year, with different festivals, and cultural events. To welcome the spring, Badakshan Cultural Container held a “Poetry Night” with poets, writers, artist, singers and cultural figures who came across different districts of Badakhshan and Takhaar provinces in Provincial department of cultural affairs’ conference salon. The event started with reciting Holy Quran and then followed by reading poetries and tracking history, traditions, and customs of Nowruz in the culture of Badakhshan and Takhar residents. They also discussed the concept and interpretation of spring in Persian literature and Islamic mysticism.


In Badakhshan, spring is much more than a change in the time or weather; as it is a season for rebirth of nature, it is also an opportunity for human beings  to review his/her pasts and to visualize her/his future plan and goals. So when spring is coming, people already decide to change the things went wrong in the pasts, clean the dust and dirt of home, cloths, body and even they try to throw away their negative thoughts. Then they plan to start life with a new resolution and prospective. So Nowruz is sort of starting a new life with new tools and goals. The origin of this interpretation is coming from Persian literature and Sufism perspective of spring and Nowruz.


The event finished with a relaxing traditional music played by Bahram Najm, Many people from different communities and social background including university students, local elders, and government and non-government authorities attended the events.

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