The Smile of Hope

 Pix 1  “It is amazing, in front of the collapsed Buddhas, we come together to celebrate hope with young people, our hardworking and highly active promising generation. I am sure we can make it, because it is our responsibility, our mission, our future and our ultimate message to others” said Mrs.Uzzar Lali, Entrepreneur and Head of the Bamyan Business Women Community.   Continue reading

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The Hope Generation

Pix 1On the sunny morning of August 11th 2016, a large number of men and women, mostly young people gathered at the Kockah Palace conference Hall, on the east bank of Kokcha River. They were impatiently waiting for the cultural event to start.

The Spokesman of the Badakhshan Governor recited a Hadith from Muslim the Fourth Caliph:” Disappointment kills the desperate man”. In his speech he asked the young people to never lose hope, because, hope is the only force which let them stand against the bad and difficult conditions. Continue reading

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Passions in Nursery

  “Young people and children are the greatest potential of any nation. Only by educating and and supporting a competent generation we insure our future prosperity.” Says Nasima Timori, the head of the Jawzjan Nursery, where they are taking care of at least 45 male kids. Most of children growing up in a nursery are orphans or were facing serious family conflicts and domestic violence in their families.

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Kids and Ramadan

Pix 1 A huge part of human culture and traditions are rooted in religions. Many of globally accepted festivals once were religious ceremonies limited to particular communities. Like many other nations, a huge part of cultural customs in Afghanistan are also rooted in religion including Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid ul Adha, which are the biggest religious festivals in  the Muslim World.

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Tourism Industry and Cultural Exchange

  Pix 1       The tourism industry is a big part of modern economics, most nations invest in the tourism industry to attract people from all around of the world to get to know their countries. The importance of tourism is not only because of its role in economic development but also because of the importance of cultural exchange which comes along with it.  Tourists who visit a country return back home, transfer experiences, information, and memories rof places they visited, the people they met, the cultures, customs and the beauty they have seen. Continue reading

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Art and Hope in Dara-e-Noor


    Pix 1The district Dara-e-Noor is a secure and peaceful district of Nangarhar. The district is located in northern part of the province. Common languages in Dara-e-Noor district are Pashto and Pashayi. Agriculture is the main way of earning money, however people also are making their living through trading goods between neighboring districts and provinces. The district is highly populated with estimated around 120,000 residents. Continue reading

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Bangle Seller of Balkh

Pix 1Afghanistan is not only important because of its geopolitical location which connects east, west, south and central Asian countries.  But it is also a crossroad of different cultures and civilizations. You can see a sign of different cultures among people living in different cities and provinces, each one constituting a unique subculture identity coming from Indian subcontinents, Persian plateau and Central Asian nations. In Western regions, people have several commonalities with Khorasan and Sistan Baluchistan region of Iran. Continue reading

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Spring in Mazar

My beloved, Mullah Ma’mad Jan, let’s go to Mazar together

To watch the plains of red roses and to touch the tulip flower

1The couplet is a very famous and iconic poem appeared in many folkloric song’s lyrics for many decades. Its origin come from a very old love story, the girl tempting her beloved, Mullah Mohammad Jan, to travel with her to her dream land, Mazar e Sharif, where in spring season hill and plains are fully covered with red flowers. Continue reading

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Second Sikhs-Muslim Cultural Dialogue

Pix 1Breaking trust and cutting inter-community connections are among the worst outcomes of war and instability, which might lead to chaos and social catastrophes; initiating cultural dialogues and cultural exchange are efficient tools in rebuilding trust and reviving connections among communities. Continue reading

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A very Happy Day for Khadija

 1 When Khadija woke up, felt she is happier than on other days. She was looking forward to watch a puppet theater performance for the first time. The day before she received an invitation which asked her and her family to attend the play in Kabul’s Cultural Container. Like Khadija and her family, there were many other children who came to watch the theater performance with their families. Continue reading

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