Eighth Nowruz Festival in Bamyan

Pix 1  During the autumn and winter seasons Bamyan goes weary and gray due to its extreme cold weather but with Nowruz and spring all beauty is coming back to life. Hills and mountains wear grassy color, unbounded plants of potato and wheat cover the plains, apple, poplar and juniper trees ascend green stems to the sky. In another word, in Bamyan live starts with spring. That is why, people in different villages and districts of Bamyan celebrate Nowruz in different ways. Continue reading

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Nowruz: New Day, New Year, New Start!

People in Iran, Turkey, Caucasian countries, Central Asia and South Asia including Afghanistan celebrate Nowruz, the beginning of Persian solar year, with different festivals, and cultural events. To welcome the spring, Badakshan Cultural Container held a “Poetry Night” with poets, writers, artist, singers and cultural figures who came across different districts of Badakhshan and Takhaar provinces in Provincial department of cultural affairs’ conference salon. The event started with reciting Holy Quran and then followed by reading poetries and tracking history, traditions, and customs of Nowruz in the culture of Badakhshan and Takhar residents. They also discussed the concept and interpretation of spring in Persian literature and Islamic mysticism. Continue reading

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English Aseed Underground

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One Thousand Smiles for Peace

It was amazing to see hundreds of portraits smiling from the walls in the yard of Star Educational Society building, Young, old, men, women, workers, lecturers, students, politicians, craftsmen, all were smiling. And unlike at many other social events, hundreds of visitors were calmly listening to the organizers’ descriptions while looking at the portraits. They must have imagined the feelings of the people when they smiled. Some visitors were whispering: “It brings in a very good feeling, but how can smiling portraits possibly generate peace in the current worsening situation?” Continue reading

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(دری) دانه ای در دل خاک

Sorry, this entry is only available in دری.

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Smile of Happiness and Success under the Umbrella of Trust

1People achieve their goals when they are confident and trust their friends and others, who surround them. This is the precondition to follow goals and dreams with much passion and perseverance.

The Kabul cultural container successfully finished its 2015 cultural activities with direct and indirect involvement of local elders, youths and children, artists and cultural figures. Discovering and introducing hidden potential talents to the society, promoting a sense of trust and confidence among people and spreading friendship and integration among them were the most positive achievements of our 2015 activities. Continue reading

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Exhibition of Unison

1A very effective way of eliminating the mental and social effects of war in post-war societies is to revive the culture of dialogue among different ethnic and communities to help them to remove all negative pre-assumptions, tags and misunderstandings, also promoting a social and cultural context for different kinds of artistic activities such as painting, drawing, calligraphy, graffiti, photography, storytelling, music and singing to encourage people to tell their untold stories and to admit their obsessions. Initiating cultural dialogues and providing opportunities for victims to express their pains, helps them to recover from their mental wounds. Continue reading

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Boosting the Trust

1 “Boosting the Trust” was the name of a theaters play initiated and facilitated by the Nangarhar Cultural Container in different places of the Jalal-Abad city. The aim was to highlight the role of trust and confidence in personal and social life of Nangarhar residents.Theater is a very favored art among Nangarhar residents.

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Unity is strength

1Unity is an essential need of human social life since nobody is capable to handle all living’s challenges individually. Unity fosters a society in which people help each other, to handle the challenges and difficulties, which they cannot tackle alone.  As most values which brinach a common understanding and unity. Culture also provides a common ground for everyone as a sense of belonging and familiarity.
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Towards Trust

01 Bamyan is an infinite beauty in the heart of a war ravaged country: Its unique natural landscape, the ancient civilizations being buried there, the blank space of the downed Buddha’s giant statues, its hardworking and friendly people, who despite severe poverty and unemployment, don’t hesitate to enjoy peace and tolerance, its appetent young generation that never stops learning, and its passionate children running to schools every morning without any fear of death or explosion. All this makes Bamyan an iconic province presenting a peaceful face of the country to world. Continue reading

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