Passions in Nursery

  “Young people and children are the greatest potential of any nation. Only by educating and and supporting a competent generation we insure our future prosperity.” Says Nasima Timori, the head of the Jawzjan Nursery, where they are taking care of at least 45 male kids. Most of children growing up in a nursery are orphans or were facing serious family conflicts and domestic violence in their families.

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The majority of the children living there are between 9-13 years old. Their faces show how they have suffered. Most of them are now strongly motivated to learn a profession, and skills so to be able to realize their dreams and ambitions. Abdul-Qayoom for instance wants be a doctor, he is also interested in music. Mujtaba the youngest child in nursery wants to become a teacher

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In coordination with the Jawzjan Nursery, the Jawzjan cultural container held a one day painting exhibition displaying some artworks from female visitors of the cultural container.

The children enjoyed the exhibition: “I am really happy, most of painting displayed here are showing hopes and wishes. Like the boy playing football or the girl reading book. Perhaps I can be an artist too” says Abdul-Wedood, who is living in Nursery.

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Mrs. Nasima Timori said: “Art is not only a subject of aesthetics, but it is a way of refining our culture and flourishing our mind and feelings. Therefore it is good to let our children express their feelings, imagination and thoughts through an artistic way.”

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