Shamama painting exhibition: Building trust through art and dialogue

1Visitors and artists were waiting for the opening of the painting exhibition in Shamama Gallery of Afghani artworks. Everyone was thinking that the exhibition would be inaugurated by cutting the ribbon as usual, but they were surprised when Sahra Usra a rap singer appeared with her group of artists to sing. The moment she entered the exhibition hall, people welcomed her by clapping. The exhibition aimed to motivate the container’s art students and other young artists to show their artworks in the public. Artworks of 10 young artists have been exhibited in the event for one week. As the topic of the exhibition was “building trust through art and dialogue”, the artists were free to choose their paintings with different topic such as peace, beauty of nature, violence, and humanism and gender issues.2

Sarah, a young artist said: “I cannot describe my feeling. I am so delighted to see that people are coming to see my paintings. I did not believe that my artwork would be shown in such an exhibition one day. I am so thankful to the Kabul cultural container for helping me to learn how to paint and show it in the public. I will work hard to become a famous artist.” 3

One of the artists painted the Syrian drowned child in the Mediterranean Sea, which was very interesting to the groups of visitors. Massoud, a visitor said: “I am delighted to see Afghan painters showing their deep feeling about humanitarian issues and thinking globally. It also shows that our new generation is thinking critically about peace, violence and other social issues.” 4

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