Smile of Happiness and Success under the Umbrella of Trust

1People achieve their goals when they are confident and trust their friends and others, who surround them. This is the precondition to follow goals and dreams with much passion and perseverance.

The Kabul cultural container successfully finished its 2015 cultural activities with direct and indirect involvement of local elders, youths and children, artists and cultural figures. Discovering and introducing hidden potential talents to the society, promoting a sense of trust and confidence among people and spreading friendship and integration among them were the most positive achievements of our 2015 activities.


The event named “Trust connects us, let’s trust each other” was the last event of 2015. Passion and interest to the topic attracted and brought dozens of university students, lecturers, artists, local elders and children under one tent in the yard of the cultural container. The children from different places of the city came together to sing the songs of their hearts. Teenagers, youths, elders, all were sitting together in rows, watching a play of honesty, chivalry, loyalty and trust


 “War destroyed the trust and we should revive it, however it is difficult to start this from the old generation, but let’s teach our children to learn and to practice it, so our future generations may live in peace and prosperity, “the local police officer said.


Soreya, a very engaged mother, was so excited by the performance of her children and mentioned: “Today I observed the confidence and talents of my children, they had never the opportunity to perform on the stage, but the cultural container provided such an opportunity.”


Dawood Fedai, a 28 years old police officer is very happy, since he found a fair place and good opportunity to play tambour and reveal his artistic talent to the people. He says he does not have any time or place to play tambour, but here in the container I can do what I dreamed of for a long time.  He said the container is the best place to realize his dreams.


Saja’ad, a young amateur rapper thinks that the container is the art center, where one really can express oneself: “A feeling of stressed was pushing me back when I started for the first time, but the container team encouraged and supported me to overcome on my feelings. Today I performed my first song here, everyone appreciated my work, now I am encouraged to go on!” He said.

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