Spring in Mazar

My beloved, Mullah Ma’mad Jan, let’s go to Mazar together

To watch the plains of red roses and to touch the tulip flower

1The couplet is a very famous and iconic poem appeared in many folkloric song’s lyrics for many decades. Its origin come from a very old love story, the girl tempting her beloved, Mullah Mohammad Jan, to travel with her to her dream land, Mazar e Sharif, where in spring season hill and plains are fully covered with red flowers.


The description given in the couplet is not an exaggerated narration of spring season in Mazar e Sharif. As winter ends and spring starts, the grasses grows, flowers sprouts, red and green colours covers hills and plains. Hundreds and thousands of people from Mazar city and neighbour villages and provinces swarm to green and grassy hills located in Southern part of the city so called Shadiaan and Marmol, along with their families to have fun and picnic.

Despite the poor security situation in neighbour provinces, every Thursday and Friday, which are public holidays in Afghanistan, people march to the plains, enjoy their free times with cooking local dishes, playing football, volleyball, local games, live music, dancing and mountaineering.

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However it is not only people who rush for fun and picnic, but in the lots of artists, particularly; singers, painters and photographers also go to plains and mountains to display the beauty of nature and season either by their video-songs, artworks or photos. Vendors, polishers, ice-cream boys, florists and many others also try to make their livings by selling their goods or services in these places.


Fareed Ahmad, a young man from Mazar-e-Sharif, is very happy of roving with his family and relatives in Shadiaan hills, but still he is worrying about robberies, kidnapping and even Taliban attacks, who are against such traditions. He wishes war ends forever, so they can travel to any part of Afghanistan, visiting natural beauty of his country without any fear and security concerns.


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