Students trained in painting and calligraphy exhibit their works in Jawzjan  

4Ipso’s cultural container in the Northern Province of Jawzjan, which has started its work recently, has facilitated an exhibition with pictures of young artists. To encourage school students, the exhibition was set up at a high school where hundreds of students, their parents and teachers could see the artworks of young promising artists of their province. The exhibition was a helpful step to raise awareness and create a better understanding for arts.

The container has initiated different activities to encourage people to express themselves in arts. This includes courses in painting and calligraphy, which everybody can join.

Khujasta, a student of the Arabkhana high school, said: “There are many of us who want to improve their skills in painting and calligraphy. I enjoy painting a lot and want to improve my-self and spend more time on arts. But, there were not a lot of places and institutes offering any artistic activities! Therefore,  I am happy that the container now offers these opportunities.”3


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