Taking art to remote schools of Herat

HS1Herat cultural container organized an art exhibition for students of a remote school far from the Herat City. Both students and their teachers were excited to see a large exhibition of various artworks and photography in their school periphery.

The exhibition included paintings, calligraphy, miniature and photography. Most students who had never visited any exhibition in the Herat City were delighted while visiting the exhibition. They expressed that this inspired them to discover their talents in arts.

Before launching the exhibition, the Herat cultural team visited students in their classes and talked about the importance of art and saw how interested they were in painting and calligraphy. HS3

A student while visiting the exhibition said: “we are studying painting and calligraphy in our school subjects but I had not seen any collection of paintings and calligraphy prior to this. This is encouraging.” While visiting the exhibition, students were asking many different questions. The exhibition had aroused their sense of curiosity and this was clearly understandable from their questions and discussions.

As the topic for the Herat cultural container is to support education through cultural dialogues in the community, this exhibition was aimed to help remote schools in the villages to create a better educational environment.

The cultural container started this exhibition from Fekri Saljooghi High School in Gazraga area and will continue touring many other schools in remote areas.HS2

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