The Hope Generation

Pix 1On the sunny morning of August 11th 2016, a large number of men and women, mostly young people gathered at the Kockah Palace conference Hall, on the east bank of Kokcha River. They were impatiently waiting for the cultural event to start.

The Spokesman of the Badakhshan Governor recited a Hadith from Muslim the Fourth Caliph:” Disappointment kills the desperate man”. In his speech he asked the young people to never lose hope, because, hope is the only force which let them stand against the bad and difficult conditions.

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Speeches, poetry, music, a theater play and an art exhibition was part of the event. The theater play’s message was made of the dreams of its performers and showed how dreams could make our future. Poems reflected the dreams and imaginations of poets. Background music was calling people to stay together for a better future.

The art exhibition was the last part of the event. More than 60 photographs, drawings and paintings were exhibited in the event. The artists and photographers were all from Badakhshan. Many of them being trained at the cultural container. Everybody went home with a smile on their face.

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