Towards Trust

01 Bamyan is an infinite beauty in the heart of a war ravaged country: Its unique natural landscape, the ancient civilizations being buried there, the blank space of the downed Buddha’s giant statues, its hardworking and friendly people, who despite severe poverty and unemployment, don’t hesitate to enjoy peace and tolerance, its appetent young generation that never stops learning, and its passionate children running to schools every morning without any fear of death or explosion. All this makes Bamyan an iconic province presenting a peaceful face of the country to world.


However there may be many reasons which contribute to peace and tranquility in Bamyan, there is no doubt that, “trust” is the core of all reasons, ensuring a peaceful life in Bamyan. A sense which originates from the simple and friendly heart of every Bamyani, spreading from the families to the whole people living there, like a river slowly crossing the maze of distrust becoming  a soft cultural feature in social interaction.


However, despite this very peaceful atmosphere of Bamyan there are some major challenges: The vulnerable political and social situation, the countrywide insecurity and instability, severe poverty and unemployment, immigration and vagabondism.  Since trust is the foundation of peace and a peaceful coexistence, the best way of overriding social instability, chaos and crisis is promoting a culture of trust and toleration and eliminating fear and distrust.   IPSO’s cultural container in Bamyan dedicated its one day annual event to the topic of trust. The event was held in 8th December 2015, under name of “Towards Trust” and attracted dozens of artist, cultural figures, local musicians, students and craftsmen including men and women.


The event was held in the Bamyan cultural heritage conference hall´with the support of the Bamyan department of cultural affairs. Though the weather was cold it could not stop people’s passion and enthusiasm. The event music, flute, ney, poems, storytelling, theater play, live painting and vocal performance.

The poems recited were mostly focused on trust, tolerance and peace,. For instance such as Sir Ali Jan, 70 years old man, who had served as teacher in Panjab High School for girls. He recited his couplets and which were highly enjoyed by the participants. The sound of the Ney, flute and the poem declamations echoed through the entire valley and created some very unique moments to the participants.

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Mr.Ahmad Hussain Ahmad Pur, the Deputy Director of Bamyan Department of Cultural Affairs, appreciated and thanked IPSO and Bamyan cultural container for its cultural activities and initiative on promoting a culture of peace, trust and unity.

Arifa Akbari, a member of Bamyan cultural container read a short story about a soup-man, who was serving soup to interested customers. He had no footboy helping him and therefore he had to manage everything alone. This is why he couldn’t offer services to his customer as he wished. After long thinking he initiated a very unique initiative: He encouraged his customer to self-service and asked them to pay and get their extra money (if they do not have change) from the cash box putted on the counter. In the beginning he faced several small challenges, since people did not believe him. But soon people understood that he was serious and that he trusted them. His trust-based initiative led people to trust him in return and helped him to do his work much better than before.

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Kohpa’aya (foothills) Theater Team performed a very unique play on the topic trust between the generations which not only entertained the participants but also explored the role of trust in a changing culture. Zarafshan a 12 years old schoolgirl read a short but meaningful article: Trusting on people and yourself not only brings inner peace but also it leads to a sense mutual trust, unity and sustainable peace.

A vocal group of girls recited patriotic poems inspiriting people to unity, tolerance and trust.

The event finished with Dumbora performed by local singers. The feed back of the population was positive and appreciative.  “Programs and initiatives like this play an incentive role by encouraging artists, musicians and cultural figures to be more active. It supports arts and cultural activities and consequently has a very positive psychosocial effect on the social environment.” said Abbas Arify, a university and freelance journalist.

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