Unity is strength

1Unity is an essential need of human social life since nobody is capable to handle all living’s challenges individually. Unity fosters a society in which people help each other, to handle the challenges and difficulties, which they cannot tackle alone.  As most values which brinach a common understanding and unity. Culture also provides a common ground for everyone as a sense of belonging and familiarity.


The Laghman cultural container as all other cultural containers in Afghanistan devoted its annual event to the topic of trust: speeches, poetry reading, local and national patriotic music, women-handicraft, photography, painting and calligraphy were part of the event.


In the beginning of the event, the Head of Lagham Cultural Department, Mr. Faizullah Patan, thanked Ipso and the team of the Laghman cultural container and appreciated their efforts and initiatives to promote art and culture, thus providing a background for peace and unity among the people.


Laghman governor, Mr. Abdul-Jabbar Naimi, was another speaker of the event. He said, unity is the key factor of a nation success and development. It is unity that enables us to overcome the challenges and difficulties to rebuild our villages, our provinces and our country. Our culture is the root of our social interaction and provides us a common ground for our values, traditions and customs, it also supports our unity and togetherness.


After the speeches, all participants, including the Laghman governor and Head of Cultural Affairs put their hands with paint on a tree which symbolically was named as “The Green Tree of Unity”, to show their commitment to and interest in unity and social convergence.

Around five hundreds visitors, including local and governmental authorities, NGOs’ employees, cultural figures, artist, craftsmen, traders, local elders, university students and local residents visited the exhibition and appreciated this initiative.


The second day of the event was devoted to poems and music. Poets, cultural figures, local musicians, amateur singers and new artists showed their potential talents during the events. Singing patriotic songs excited the audience and stimulated unexplainable feelings of empathy, altruism and patriotism. The main theme of the songs were unity, trust, tolerance and peace, requesting people to stand against war, killing, burning and destruction. The event was held in the yard of Laghman department of women affairs.


Laghman, the eastern province of Afghanistan is very famous for its beautiful natural landscapes, agricultural products, handicrafts. People from different ethnics of country are living in Laghman and brought up a very diverse, beautiful and rich culture all over the province. The main way of living in Laghman is agriculture, but people also make their livings through handicrafts, trading, producing plastic and leather shoes and pottery.

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