Writing in the language of ordinary people

SayyadBadakhshan is renowned for its people having a poetic soul with heart-touching words that have nourished a rich folkloric literature over the centuries. Badakhshan’s cultural container has been trying to strengthen this tradition in their province by supporting a better and stronger understanding of their cultural heritage and valuable traditions. Part of the approach the Badakhshan container has been following is to facilitate dialogues between poets of the province and the older and younger generations as an exchange of experiences and knowledge between the younger generations and the older generation of writers and poets.

Abdul Malik Sayyad, 74, is a well-known local poet whose creativity and literary works put him in the center of discussions among cultural circles in the province. His new collection of poetry is called THE VOICE OF VOICELESS in which he has wisely and meaningfully used folkloric features in his poems. Mr. Sayyad believes using old-fashioned vocabulary or phrases or expressions that are common in our daily conservation but are not used in the texts, fills the gap between written and spoken language. Using those features adds to the variety in the language and brings ordinary people closer to intellectuals and writers.

Mr. Sayyad maintains that folkloric couplets, stories, expressions, proverbs and sayings are part of history, culture and language, which is part of our cultural identity and will, if not collected and used in the texts, be forgotten and vanish as the time passes.

Other writers, who discussed the recent poetry collection of Mr. Sayyad, added that the current poetry in Afghanistan is influenced by thoughts that have entered the country through globalization and the influx of communication technology. These new influences need further reflection and discussion as they are not absorbed and digested well up to now. As they claimed, what we have as a result are texts lacking the traditional richness, deprived from indigenous understanding.

They also asserted that the collection of poetry will attract more people to think about their own language as something more valuable and then the use of folkloric couplets, songs, sayings and proverbs will further enrich the literature of Badakshan and Afghanistan.B1

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